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Textured gold leaf interior, high gloss red Opal structure.

  • Dimensions:

    80 x 57 x 200 cm
    31.5 x 22.4 x 78.7 in

  • Reference:


Can I customize?

All KARPA products can be changed in finish and/or shape. Contact us and give a personal touch to each piece!

Additional Details

  • A contemporary masterpiece that doubles as a functional sculpture. Its fluid and unique design creates the illusion of two elements gracefully emerging from the ground. Illuminate your cherished items with Origin's interior lighting, and elevate your space with this captivating addition.

  • External Structure: Resin reinforced with fiberglass with high gloss red Opal finish;
    Internal Structure: Resin reinforced with fiberglass with gold leaf finish;
    Lighting: 2 2.5W LED spots;

  • Lacquering:

    1. Clean with a soft cloth soaked in a mild soap solution;
    2. Dry with a clean soft cloth;
      *Do not use abrasive/corrosive cleaning products.