Coffee Table

Finishes & Materials

Unlimited Possibilities

Gaia Coffee Table with Ebony Top
Option A
Gaia Coffee Table with Pau Santo Top
Option B
Gaia Coffee Table with Printed Top
Option C
Gaia Coffee Table Finished in Bronze Color
Option D
Gaia Coffee Table Lacquered in White and Silver
Option E

"With the right finish can be used anywhere..."

GAIA coffee table is perhaps of all KARPA's pieces, the one that best suits any decor. With an handmade design, sculpted by Albino Miranda, this incredible coffee table has a subtle trunk-like shape, capable of assigning a sense of Nature to any decor.

Used as one or grouped with more pieces, be it in villas, restaurants or hotels, like the amazing Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St. Cloud Hotel, with the the proper finish GAIA coffee table fits perfectly on the most refined and luxurious decorations, or even the most simple, modern and elegant ones.

To know more about this unique hotel project, please follow the link below:

Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St. Cloud
Gaia Coffee Tables in Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de St. Cloud Hotel